Isaac Saxton, Josh Saxton, and Tyler Egbert, as well as many other veterans, have addressed a problem and we have a solution.

There is a need in the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana for a new type of firearms atmosphere. Currently there are only a few ranges that all offer the very basic types of services and products. We are going to change that.

We propose a whole new range be created, run by veterans, with products and services that would reach out to both public and private sectors. Our company strives to benefit: Law enforcement, active military, reserve units, veterans, and civilian men and women.

There are hundreds of able bodied veterans in and around the Fort Wayne area. These veterans have valuable skills they could offer to this field. They also bring a certain professionalism unmatched by most others.






Isaac Saxton-

  • Bachelors in Criminal Justice
  • USMC Sergeant and Instructor
  • Combat Marksmanship Coach,
  • Combat Marksmanship Trainer,
  • Martial Arts Instructor,
  • CQB
  • Weapons and Tactics,
  • Helicopter Rope Suspension Techniques (HRST) Master
  • Taught at III Marine Expeditionary Force – Special Operations Training Group as the Senior Instructor,
  • Includes Fixed Site Security, 240, 249, M2, M9 pistol, and m16 service rifle tactics, as well as planning and running short range.



  • USMC Corporal
  • CQB
  • Part of RTT team
  • Expert marksman in both rifle and pistol
  • Combat experience OEF 14.2
  • Martial Arts Instructor
  • Part owner of SEATS training
  • DOD Physical Security Contractor



  • USMC
  • Marine Combat Training
  • Jungle Warfare Training
  • Military Operations in Urban Terrain
  • Field Artillery
  • Combat Lifesaver
  • 3 Deployments
  • Confined Space Rescue and Fall Rescue Certifications